Value-Based Care Consulting Services

value-based care consulting

Stout Hill & Company offers a selection of services to accelerate your risk-based health care business. We help your organization achieve self-sufficiency as quickly as possible through our value-based care consulting and training solutions.

Beyond our discrete consulting offerings, we also focus on training and development of your executives and managers to build “value” as a core competency for your organization. It’s our philosophy that your transition to value-based care will only succeed if it is embraced throughout the organization.

Population Health
Vendor Evaluation

Selecting the right partner to support your value strategy is a critical driver of success. Making the wrong choice can cost your organization millions of dollars in vendor fees and tens of millions of dollars in risk exposure.

Stout Hill & Company supplies the expertise to evaluate, select and contract with the right population health and analytics vendors for your organization.

Risk Executive

Many provider organizations who move into “risk” opt to deploy executives from other areas of their organization as leaders of the new value business. Without proper training and guidance, this can be a dangerous proposition.

Stout Hill & Company develops your provider-side personnel into competent risk-based healthcare leaders.

Population Health
Strategy Activation

If your organization has refreshed its strategic plan recently, there’s a good chance it included a population health or value-based care strategy. There’s also a good chance that the expertise to implement that strategy does not exist in your organization.

Stout Hill provides an on-demand solution to “activate” this aspect of your strategic plan.

Executive +

Maybe you are launching a new health plan, ACO or other healthcare startup. Maybe you’ve had one for years. Regardless, an executive role sitting vacant in your company means the organization will flail for months until the role is filled by the right person.

Stout Hill provides an immediate solution to your vacancy with an expert interim executive. We then drive recruitment of the permanent replacement by leveraging our vast network.

Risk Expertise
On Retainer

As a senior leader of your organization, you are relied on for authority and expertise by your employees, your patients, and your Board of Directors. However, with the rapid shift in healthcare in recent years toward value-based reimbursement and provider risk, it can be challenging to maintain credibility with your stakeholders in this new world.

Stout Hill serves as your trusted advisor behind the scenes to ensure you can “speak the language” and skillfully guide your organization forward into the future.

Payer Risk Contract Optimization

As your provider organization looks to take on risk from payers or CMS, it’s critical to be precise in contract parameters given the millions of dollars at risk. Reporting, data sharing, and division of care management responsibilities drive outcomes.

Stout Hill can drive the contracting process for you or serve as an on-call expert to ensure the final contract positions your organization for success.

Health Plan
Economic Value Assessment

Too often the value of a provider-sponsored health plan is assessed in a siloed manner. Unfortunately, this often limits investment decisions and growth strategies related to the entity.

Stout Hill can provide an integrated view of a health plan’s impact on its owner’s other businesses so you can unlock the true value of this strategic asset.

Healthcare Investment
Analysis & Consulting

Investing in healthcare in the current political and regulatory environment creates a lot of uncertainty in an otherwise target-rich environment.

Stout Hill & Company can reality-check your assessment of public company opportunities. For private companies, we go deeper to evaluate leadership teams, business models, and market opportunities supporting your due diligence efforts.

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